Freeze-dried chicken snacks

The Freeze-dried chicken snacks, otherwise known as "Treats", are dispensed alongside the kibble in the feeder.

Freeze-dried chicken snacks featured under Mr. Snack right next to some kibble.


The Freeze-dried chicken snacks appear as white cubes, as it is plain chicken. They are a favourite of Mr. Snack, who eats them exclusively. Other cats also enjoy it better than the average kibble, as if you go on a stream at any point in time, chances are that there will be more kibble (sometimes gets really bad, like with Mount Kibble) than snacks.


The frequency of them being dispensed is not very often, yet they run out faster than kibble as seen by the percentages in the information bar at the top-down view of the camera. This is presumably because of the fact that most of the cats prefer the chicken snacks over the regular kibble (as mentioned in Appearance). When enough snacks are dispensed into the feeder, Mount Snack is formed.

In order to dispense them, you need to donate to the real Hello Street Cat stream, exactly like how kibble is dispensed. They cost 20 love coins (爱心币) to dispense, which is double the amount typically needed for kibble. Not all stations have the option to dispense chicken snacks.


When a cat is eating the freeze-dried chicken and gets donated some more, sometimes some falls onto their heads, leaving dust and normally annoying or surprising the cat involved. The greater fandom calls this “snacking”, and the cat involved is said to be "snacked".