StreetCatWiki's Guidelines

StreetCatWiki is meant to be a lighthearted environment, providing a place to learn more about the cats in more popular feeders and about the App of Hello Street Cat itself. These guidelines and rules are here to keep the peace and have this site stay civil and fun.

StreetCatWiki is not affiliated with Hello Street Cat, Guangxi Hachong Network Technology Co. Ltd or Purrrr. We are simply a group of volunteers with the goal of documenting the cats seen at these feeders.

You can always join the Discord Server for help! There are various wiki moderators who will be able to answer any questions you might have!



  • Do not discuss or post about sensitive topics, do not discuss the abuse groups.
  • Pictures of injured cats or other animals are not allowed, if a cat is possibly injured censor the picture and add the template Template:Warning1 to the page. Do not go into detail on what might've happened to the cat.
  • Do not randomly rename cats or insert false information, you can always add or improve information but avoid deleting unless necessary.
  • Do not post images with human faces visible, whether that be the caretaker or bypassers.
  • You don't "own" a page, let others contribute freely and allow them to make changes!
  • Use proper grammar, feel free to use tools like grammarly for help!


  • A page is required to have a Cat Info Box, a face picture, back picture and basic information. Avoid creating pages for cats that have only appeared once. Feel free to use the Page Template as a starter guide.
  • Finish your page before uploading it. We will remove empty pages with no information. You can always copy your html code somewhere else if you want to finish later or make use of a sandbox.
  • It's recommended to have at least 3 sightings before making a cat page to properly fill the page.
  • To create a feeder page, you must have at least 3 cats with proper pages.
  • All times must be in UTC+8 / Local Feeder Time (LFT), this is the standard time for all feeders and can be seen at in the bottom left. Use the time format month/day/year. (April 26th, 2024).


  • A cat's name can not be something offensive or derogatory. The name will be changed if this happens.
  • Avoid "clone" names. Cats look similar all the time, but think of something original.
  • A name can not have special symbols, emoji's or anything that can't be pronounced.

Don't be afraid if you make mistakes! It happens to everyone and can be easily fixed by others.

Page Creation

Before you create a page, you need to be autoconfirmed first. This means you need to have an account on the wiki for 3 days and have a couple contributions. It's recommended you start small! Look around various feeders and check for cat sightings, fix grammar mistakes or just add information.

Once you're ready to make a page, check out the Page Creation Guide for more information!