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The Hello Street Cat has an official Douyin page. As of March 7th, they follow 25 accounts and have 194,000 followers.

The 街猫APP Douyin account as of March 7th. Their bio is "🥰 我们致力于通过互联网科技的力量,帮助大家科学关爱流浪猫。🐱上街猫app云吸猫(各大应用商店均可下载)"
🥰 We will do our best to help everyone care for stray cats in a scientifically proven way by using the power of the Internet and modern technology. 🐱 Get the Street Cat app for your dose of adorable cat content (available for download on every major application store).


February Monthly TNR Report (March 1st, 2024)

Cover Page

February 2024 Street Cat TNR Monthly Report; 25,125 cats spayed/neutered; 436 spay/neuter vouchers issued; 274 cats captured.

About our Spay and Neuter Program

25,125 cats spayed and neutered in the feeder areas
As of February 2024, we have spayed and neutered 25,125 cats in the feeder areas with the help of our Cattendants, partner brands, and the Street Cat app. After Little Tiger of Pocket Feeder moved into his garage, his Cattendant provided him with a kitty hut, a food bowl, and a water bowl. Every day his Cattendant would go to top up his food dish and every day he would happily stuff his face with kibble. As expected, he eventually became a fat little kitty. Before that, everyone tried three times to catch him and failed. It was only until the prosperous New Year that Cattendant @SweetPotato managed to take him to the vet to be neutered.

About TNR Collaboration

436 spay/neuter vouchers issued
In the month of February, Street Cat collaborated with partnered brands to issue a total of 436 spay and neuter vouchers valued at 100 yuan each. Because of various reasons such as worse recovery rates for the cats due to the cold winter weather, many Cattendants returning home for the season to celebrate Lunar New Year, and veterinary clinics taking breaks or closing up as well as lack of space, everyone's willingness to participate in the TNR program has gone down accordingly. Only 195 vouchers were actually redeemed. With the weather warming up, the hoomans can finally bring their kitty overlords to the vet for some snipping time! If anybody wants to sign up for a spay and neuter voucher, you can head on over to the Street Cat app > Market > TNR to collect your voucher.

About the Cat Wrangler

The Cat Wrangler has captured 274 cats
As of February 29th, 2024, an additional 83 cats out of a total of 274 cats have been captured using the Cat Wrangler device. One of the cats in the A Full Cat is a Happy Cat feeder has suffered from a severe oral infection and skin disease for quite some time already. It was very difficult to capture him because he still wasn't used to human contact. In order to get the cat to the vet as soon as possible, the Cattendant borrowed the Cat Wrangler device. On the night of New Year's Eve, they finally captured this black policecat sick with an oral infection and skin disease, and they gave him a name called the New Year baby. Hope this New Year baby can live a long and happy life from now on!

Problems with the deployment of the Cat Wrangler

Last year on September 25th, the Cat Wrangler had a trial run in Shanghai and showed promising results. So over three months later, we tried to expand our perimeters a little bit by deploying 20 Cat Wranglers to various test locations across the country. With the increasing number of stray cats, it's inevitable for new and unique circumstances to arise. For example, some cats can open the door on their own and others will bash themselves against it... Even though these examples are rare, it's still possible for the cats to escape due to shortcomings in the device. This is something we're very concerned about. We've always been doing our best. The experience we've gained from catching nearly 300 cats to date has allowed us to make further improvements to the Cat Wrangler. By the end of March, we plan to deploy about 100 more Cat Wranglers with improved maneuverability all across the country. We ask for and greatly appreciate your ongoing patience!

Mr. Fresh's Capture (February 24th, 2024)

Translation by KayokoSudou:

In Regards to Mr. Fresh's Recent Condition

Recently there has been concern spreading around the community in regards to Mr. Fresh's safety. We've also been paying attention to this issue and have been avid in contacting his Caretaker. Now we'll be proving information so that everyone can catch up to his situation, thank you all for worrying about him:

On 20/2/2024, due to an eye infection[/irritation], Mr. Fresh was captured by his Caretaker and the local helpers, before being sent to the hospital to receive further treatment. After four days of observation in the hospital, it's been concluded that he has no further health complications, so everyone can rest assured.

Putting into consideration Mr. Fresh's overall safety, his Caretaker has ultimately decided to not let him continue living as a stray cat, and instead will be finding a suitable adopter for him, so that he may live a safe, peaceful and low profile life. Before that, Mr. Fresh will need to be fostered somewhere temporarily. Thus with the safety of his temporary foster home in mind, his Caretaker has asked that the Street Cat APP team foster him in an isolated room in the Street Cat Company.

About Mr. Fresh's adoption, we will be respecting and supporting whoever his Caretaker decide on. The Street Cat team will also provide help to his Caretaker so that they may find a reliable adopter safely. Mr. Fresh's adoption will ultimately be decided upon by his Caretaker, and as a platform, the Street Cat team will be helping each Caretaker to the best of our abilities.

To reiterate again, we have not been discussing Mr. Fresh's adoption to anyone other than his caretaker, so please don't spread around uncreditable misinformation. Every important detail and development will only be released by the Street Cat team. Thank you all for your support and understanding.

"Street Cat Cat Food 2.0"

Street Cat Kibble (January 29th, 2024)

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Post Description: "Street Cat Cat Food 2.0 | Protecting every hachimi throughout the four seasons. 500 days after the debut of Street Cat, our feeders are now in 14 cities across the country. Around 50,000 stray cats have received everyone's love and support. ❤

"However, the north and the south vary in temperature, and the cats are easily susceptible to the weather. ☀️ During the summer, our little strays may experience heat stress due to the hotter climate, resulting in poor appetite. On the other hand, during colder weather ☃️, their immune system can weaken from worsening health due to respiratory syndromes and a lack of protection from the cold.

"North, south, east, and west aside, different regions have different hazards to account for and each cat has varying health concerns. Under these conditions, our cats shouldn't just eat enough to get by, they have to eat right! And eat good! 🤗

"Together with the veterinary department of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, we have developed winter and summer seasonal kibble. We carefully alternate between the two according to Street Cat feeder regions and their seasonal characteristics. Through an improved kibble formula, we can ensure good health for our cats all four seasons of the year~ (We'll begin alternating between winter and summer kibble in cities starting in the latter half of February. Please be patient until then~) #StreetCat #StrayCat #Cat #CatFood #LoveStrayCats"