List Of Cats


  • The cats listed here are from Happy Canteen, Auspicious Restaurant, Lucky 7-11, Baldie Carrot, Ten Thousand Kitties House, GOODCAT and unlisted feeders.
  • High quality and popular feeders will be added here by moderators, any new feeder must be placed in the other list
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Happy Canteen Cats (Mr. Fresh's Feeder)

Also known as "Mr. Fresh's Feeder" It's the most popular feeder in the Hello Street Cat app and has the biggest list of cats by far.

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Auspicious Restaurant Cats (Mr. Fresh Second Feeder)

Also known as "Mr. Fresh's Feeder 2" A notably calmer feeder than the Happy Canteen, is also in the same park.

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Lucky 7-Eleven Ⅱ Cats (Mr. Snack's Feeder)

Also known as "Mr. Snack's Feeder" a feeder with a whole new list of interesting characters.

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Baldie Carrot, the Cats' Protector Cats (Duck Feeder)

A feeder near a farm, is visited by not only cats but also dogs and chickens!

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Ten Thousand Kitties House Cats (Mrs. Dress Feeder)

A feeder often occupied by Mrs. Dress, but with many cats with various relationships.