John's Canteen

John's Canteen in March 2024
Original Name 噜米小食堂
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John's Canteen (噜米小食堂) was a feeder on the Hello Street Cat app. It was previously a featured channel on This feeder is no longer in service.

  • As of April 25, 2024, John's feeder has been removed, along with other cat feeders in Changsha, China due to numerous incidents within the city. It has been said that his feeder will be "temporarily suspended", however there is no confirmation whether it will come back in the future.


Although the feeder was a featured stream, it was not very popular. The feeder was named after its most famous cat, John.

Rule #1 of John Canteen: All cats do not have titles prefixing a cat's name. John cats do not have titles.

How to Watch

On April 25, 2024, John's Canteen feeder was decommissioned by its caretaker.

You can watch the streams manually by playing it on VLC Media Player.

You can also watch the stream on

There is also the Hello Street Cat app, though you will need a Chinese phone number.

Name in Other Languages

Language Name
German Johns Kantine
French Cantine de John
Ukrainian Їдальня Джона
Russian Столовка Джона
Polish Kantyna Johna
Finnish Johnin Kanttiini

What the Feeder looks like