Brother Calm

Brother Calm meditating, trying to reach the ethereal plane
Other name(s) Mr. Calm, High Monk of the Two Paws, Confucius cat,
Breed Domestic long/medium hair mix
Coat As white as the heavens
Sex Unnecessary, he has no earthly desires
Rarity Brother calm is beyond the need for rarity.
Occupation Master meditationist, High monk, bender of space-time, head of the wise four
Appearance Large with a fluffy coat, disproportionately big cheeks, and a big nose.
Personality Ascended into an all knowing god. has no need for a personality, for his inner eye sees all.
First known sighting February 29, 2024
Parents The earth, the sea, God himself, Mother nature and the sky.
Siblings Theres no need for siblings when you have the universe as your friend
Partner He has no need of a physical partner nor anything else in this physical world
Children He has no children by blood, but in spirit he acts as a guide or parental figure to all who would listen
Other Brother Valentine: His disciple who is constantly on the search for him

Brother Calm (淡定哥) is a mysterious being (possibly a cat) only known to have appeared once on the cameras at the moment.

His feeder is unknown and he will most likely not be seen again.

He won as the 4th Most Favorite Cat in both the Hello Street Cat (EN) 3rd and 4th Weekly Fan Polls.


Brother Calm is seen at peace, enjoying his time in the feeder as he sits and lets any anger or resentment roll off him in a calm wave. He is clearly a master of the arts. It seems that Brother Calm has more interest in finding unity than in eating kibble. Brother calm has found peace in himself.


Brother Calm is a large cat with a fluffy coat. He is white in color with a big pink nose and even bigger cheeks. He meditates with his front paws tucked between his back paws as he sits.


Brother Calm is a rare sight at the moment. He was supposedly only seen on February 29, 2024. It is possible he has reached enlightenment and has since gone beyond this material plane.


On March 12, 2024, a search was started to find Brother Calm's feeder, as he has become popular in the Street Cat Wiki community. There were a few feeders that looked similar to Brother Calm's feeder. One even had a virtually identical star-patterned bed, and a white cat appeared in this feeder. Some feel that this cat is Brother Calm himself, but he could not be fully matched with the given images, thus giving this cat the name "Brother Clone". As of today, the search for him has been substantially slowed down, but it still continues.

False Sighting (Cousin Peace)

On May 24th, 2024, a user in the StreetCatWiki discord server alleged to have potentially discovered Brother Calm on an otherwise unnamed feeder (夏宫花苑). Users in the discord server spent some time analysing the appearance of this fresh new feline, with some believing this was indeed Brother Calm and others doubting this claim.

Eventually, it was determined that this cat was not Brother Calm due to the colours of the tails being different: Brother Calm (from the photos available at the time) seemed to have a pure white tail, while this cat had an orange-white striped tail. This new cat was tentatively named Cousin Peace.

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