If you were looking to help StreetCatWiki, then here is your opportunity! These articles either need images/more information, or to be cleaned up. Due to Mount Kibble, some cats may not have a good front picture, and cats also may not show up as often as we hope. Feel free to try to tackle these tasks with us.

Wiki team note: We are currently revamping the feeder pages, rarities and categories. We ask that you do not edit these at this time as your contributions might be undone or deleted.

To-Do List

Please remove from the list if the page has the needed information/image/clean-up

TNR on front page.

More Information

Images needed


Deleted page

Request to delete pages here.


Bot & spam articles info

  • From my studies, most of the bots include a first(?)/last(?) name, and sometimes 2 other digits.
  • I recommend using key words such as “Top” or “Best” to find bot/spam articles.
  • The best way to find bot/spam articles is using the Popular pages index or looking at the Recent changes page
  • Some of the sites seem they link in their accounts seem to be scams such as selling accounts and crypto scams, like the person before me said, a lot of them do have 'FirstNameLastname[2-5 digits]' as their usernames

other unrelated stuff

  • If your image doesn’t work it most likely is because it is on gallery and it has a thumb/frame/etc, it doesn’t have the .png/.gif at the end or the name of the image has a missing upper scale or typo