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Mrs. Scam

Mrs. Scam looking quite shady
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Coat Calico Tabby
Sex Female
Rarity Unknown
Occupation Scamming the audience
Personality Extremely patient
First known sighting March 11th, 2024
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Partner Unknown
Children Unknown
Other Unknown

Mrs. Scam is a frequent visitor at the Orange Cat Kindergarten who is known for "scamming" the livestream viewers by begging them for food until they relent, even after she has already eaten her fill.

She won as the 7th Most Favourite Cat in the Hello Street Cat (EN) Community 4th Weekly Fan Poll.


Mrs. Scam has large blotches on her back and a distinct "mustache" on her face. Adorning her head is a tiny crown of orange starting from her neck to the base of her ears. Oftentimes the orange is hard to see due to lighting. She also has a large dark patch that completely covers one of her eyes, making her look like somewhat like a pirate. A real scallywag, one might even say a pirate queen.

Mrs. Scam from above. Due to lighting her orange patch does not show


Mrs. Scam can be seen quite often at the Orange Cat Kindergarten, usually sitting in various relaxed positions and staring at the cameras until her meal gets dispensed. She is exceedingly patient, with patience rivaling that of Mr. Virtue from the Duck Feeder. However, she seems to be a bit aloof as well, as sometimes when food is dispensed on top of her head, she does not seem to notice.

Mrs. Scam practicing the masterful art of scamming.


March 2024

  • March 11, 2024: Mrs. Scam's first recorded sighting was at 12:54 PM (LFT), where she patiently waited for food. When no food came, she instead decided to take a nap on the feeder.
  • March 12, 2024: Starting at 06:51 AM (LFT), Mrs. Scam was seen waiting for food at the feeder. No donations came, so Mrs. Scam, with all her last hope, practiced the patience of Brother Calm. Sitting for a total of 26 minutes, she finally was rewarded for her patience. It took her two minutes to make quick work of the food, upon which she practiced her masterful art of scamming for an entire 22 more minutes before eating her fill and leaving. In total, in an extraordinary show of patience, Mrs. Scam waited for a total of 48 minutes for food.
  • March 13, 2024: At 08:36 AM (LFT), Mrs. Scam ate at the feeder.
  • March 15, 2024: At 06:51 AM - 07:15 AM (LFT) Mrs. Scam was eating and sitting at the feeder.

April 2024

  • April 02, 2024: At around 02:30 (LFT), Mrs. Scam began this days scamming journey, she slept and woke with the repetitiveness of a machine. She would pretend to be asleep until someone fed her, afterwards gobbling the food with greed rivalling The Gluttonous Beast. She did this for 3 hours.
  • April 04, 2024: At 05:45 AM (LFT), Mrs. Scam was seen waiting to scam unsuspecting viewers for food once again. Unfortunately, she got too greedy and ate kibbles without crunching, causing her to choke and cough. Luckily, Mrs. Scam was able to survive this incident by coughing up the uncrunched kibbles, learning her a valuable lesson in self-discipline and moderation.
  • April 09, 2024: At 10:36 PM (LFT), Mrs. Scam was sighted with visible nipples on her underbelly. Consistent with her status as a trickster goddess, she had likely been pregnant and given birth without the community suspecting a thing. Before this date, it was assumed that she was male.

May 2024

  • May 03, 2024: At 09:12 AM (LFT) Mrs. Scam had been seen on another scamming session, using her ability of plane ears and naps.
  • May 04, 2024: At 05:00 AM (LFT) Mrs. Scam was camping for food while fighting the urge to fall asleep.
  • May 06, 2024: At 09:00 PM (LFT), Mrs. Scam was looking at the feeder, contemplating if she should eat or not, and she decided she should! Then she shoved her whole body into the feeder (Paws included). The camera was covered for 20s while she was eating (Mount Scam Fluff).
  • May 07, 2024: Around 01:50 (LFT), Mrs. Scam was seen stretching and sitting around the feeder. She was seen doing this once again at around 07:38 PM (LFT).
  • May 09, 2024: Around 09:30 AM (LFT) Mrs. Scam was seen standing in front of the feeder, with her face looking down. Then at 09:35 AM (LFT) she could be seen with her face resting on the side of the feeder.
  • Sometime in May: Although unconfirmed, it can be assumed that Mrs. Scam died most likely due to FPV after many weeks of never returning to the feeder.

(Not every cat sighting is documented.)
(LFT = "Local Feeder Time")


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